How can I access the login page of my Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi System?

You can simply visit the orbilogin.com in your computer’s browser. It will take you to the Orbi admin page where you will have to enter the required details. Create the Netgear account orbi and enter the default credentials of the router. In case, you already have an account then fill in the username and password and press the login button.

How to find my Orbi admin IP address?

You can simply search for it on Google or look for it under the advanced settings. Generally, for most of the Orbi router, is the default IP address.

How can I change the default admin password for my orbi device?

Log in to the Orbi router’s web- management page and go to the settings. Select the Admin settings and look for the change password option to set up the new password for your Orbi device.

How do I factory reset my Orbi router and Orbi satellite?

Search for the reset button on the Orbi router and press this button by using a paper clip. Hold the button for about 10-20 seconds. When you see the amber light on the power LED, release it immediately and wait for the router to completely reboot.

Can I manage my home network using the Orbi mobile application?

Yes, you can manage and control your network through the Orbi app. Install the app, connect it to the network, access the orbi login page, and follow the online instructions to complete the setup. Once all done, you can configure various settings including wireless & security settings,  change SSID & password, set up a guest network, and parental controls.

I am facing connectivity issues with my Orbi wifi system. What do I do?

Try using the wired connection rather than a wireless one to connect to the network. Restart the complete network including your computer system, a router, and the modem. Then, call your ISP to confirm if the problem might not be at their end and ask them to fix it. Call us on our toll-free no. for advanced troubleshooting tips.

How do I resolve the Orbi wifi setup issues?

Check all the physical connections, power cables, Ethernet cables, and other cables. If you find any faulty cables then replace them with a new one. Fill in the correct username and password to open the Netgear Orbi setup page. For more troubleshooting tips, you can contact us on our toll-free no.